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Project Description

Proximity Warning & Alert System & Front/Rear View Close Circuit Camera System

 Saudi Aramco Compliant TAG Based Proximity Alert System For Total Work Site Safety.

 Intelli-Guard is a Proximity Warning and Alert System with rear/multiple view camera control system. It works on Active RFID technology to detect personnel and objects within a pre-determined safety zone around vehicles, machines and hazardous areas and it can provide all around view of the equipment using rugged camera and display system.

Intelli-Guard provides an audible and visual warning to vehicle operators when a person wearing a transponder tag or an another equipment with sensor is detected entering the safety zone and is in defined proximity to their machine. It is an effective aid in helping organizations to significantly reduce the risk of collisions between industrial vehicles and personnel.

Intelli-Guard fits to any moving/static vehicles/machines and can be set up to provide exclusion zones around hazardous areas and high value assets.

Intelli-Guard Tracking: Built-In GPS system, Remote Log Access:  Built-in GSM based data uploader to cloud server.

  • Tag Based Proximity Warning & Alert System
  1. Control Unit (Integrated RFID System for proximity warning, GPS Tracker, GSM based log uploader to cloud server and local data logger for storage of events in a local memory
  •  Input Voltage : 8~72VDC
  • Range: Modifiable reader range (0-30m and above)
  • Tracking: Built-In GPS system
  • Remote Log Access:  Built-in GSM based data uploader to cloud server
  • Enclosure: Light weight Waterproof (IP65) rated rugged enclosure
  • Interface: USB, Bluetooth and Cloud Server Application
  • Robust Anti-Collision algorithm enables reading multiple tags simultaneously
  • Clear and loud Audio-Visual indications for alerts

    2. Antenna ( RFID )

     3. Monitor (Input power: 8~32VDC)

  • 4-Channel video inputs with Single, Dual  & Quad Split-screen options
  • 16:9 Wide Screen 7” LCD for better visibility
  • Digital LCD screen with sun-visor for better viewing even in bright conditions
  • Automatic Color Balance and Resolution
  • Normal / Mirror Mode viewing options

    4. Rear View Camera (Front & Rear Camera)

  • High Resolution ¼ Sharp CCD Sensor 170° Wide View Angle
  • Impressive Low Light Performance (Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux)
  • 14 IR LEDs Night Vision Range: Over 10m
  • Rugged metal body designed with a waterproof IP69K
  • Rated ideal for harsh conditions

   5. Tag (Lanyard type Active Tag Can be worn by Personnel or mounted on Vehicle Windshield )

  • Tag Range: 30 meters
  • Widely used for Personnel Management and Positioning
  • PVC Plastic Outer Case High-tension Capability
  • Waterproof: IP67 High Shock Resistant – 10~2000 Hz, 20mm / 15 G (Triaxial)

6. Data Logger (System Calibration)

  • Commissioning Report
  • Software Training
  • Remote access New Login Account
  • Bluetooth Application for Android
  • Detects people or vehicles in a pre-defined hazard zone
  • Warns equipment operator using audible and visual signals
  •  Records events with a data logger (optional)
  • Ability to automatically decrease the speed of equipment upon detection of tag (optional)
  •  Saudi Aramco approved

[Technical Specifications]

Control Unit  

Specifications Frequency 2.4 GHz Usable Field Strength Range Values from approx. 28 to 130 should be set up, typical detection ranges are from 5 to 50 meters (depending on infrastructure and settings) Detection Range Approx. 5 – 50 meters Outputs 3 x Relay-contacts, normally open, max. load 60 Volt, 0,5 Amps Inputs 2 x inputs, configurable for ground or positive voltage levels Antenna SMA-female coaxial-connector (50 Ohm), external antenna Power Supply 10 – 60 VDC, reverse polarity protected Housing PVC + Aluminium Protection Class IP68 Operating Temperature -30°C to 85°C Humidity 5 – 95% (no condense) Vibration In accordance with IEC 60068-2 Dimensions 155 x 110 x 40 mm PC Connection USB (Bluetooth optional) CAN-bus With connector M8/4 pins, over voltage protected up to 30 volts USB Interface With connector M12/5 pins Bluetooth Interface Internal antenna, typical range 10 meters Certificate of origin The Netherlands Optional Extensions GPS Interface Internal GPS receiver, 48 channels, -160dB sensitivity, for clock synchronization, location and speed information, SMA-female connector for external active GPS antenna Record Storage Internal flash memory, capacity 16380 records, can be read out via USB, battery backup real time clock


Specifications Frequency 2.4 GHz Usable Field Strength Range Typical detection ranges are from 5 to 30 meters (depending on infrastructure and Sensor settings) Antenna Internal matched antenna Power Supply Internal battery Lifetime 1 to 2 years


Specifications Screen size 7 inch Quad split screen No. of camera inputs 4 Voltage range 9 – 36 V DC Aspect ratio 16:9 Power consumption 5 W Dimensions 261 (L) x 177 (W) x 70 (D) mm Color system NTSC / PAL (selectable) Operating temperature -30° to +70° C

Rear View Camera

IP-rating IP69K Image sensor 1/3” Color CMOS Picture quality 700 TV Lines Overall viewing angle 170° Minimum illumination 0 Lux (with LED’s on) Operating temperature -30° to +70° C

Camera Cable

TC10 10 meter TC15 15 meter TC20 20 meter

Data Logger 

System CalibrationCommissioning ReportSoftware TrainingRemote access New Login Account Bluetooth Application for Android

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